August’s OwlCrate, a reveal and review by Cat

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OwlCrate – A Box of Bookish Goodies

OwlCrate is one of many book boxes currently available for all the bibliophiles of the world. OwlCrate’s focus is on Young Adult (with a strong leaning towards fantasy), and each monthly box includes a new young adult book and several bookish goodies. Included in the goodies will always be an exclusive pin.

Best of all (for those collectors out there), each month has a special theme for the entire box.

August’s theme for OwlCrate was Dark Academia.

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*In case it wasn’t obvious, don’t look too closely at the rest of this post if you’re hoping to avoid spoilers!

Thanks to the global shortages, not to mention shipping delays, both August and September OwlCrate boxes were delayed by quite a bit. That’s why I put off this post until now, as I wanted everyone to get a chance to get theirs before coming across any spoilers.

Book – August’s OwlCrate choice is one that I was extremely excited about. Based on the description, it was easy for me to guess what it was going to be, especially as I had read an ARC of it. The book is A Lesson in Vengeance, and I loved it so much that I was thrilled to get an exclusive copy of the book. Changes for OwlCrate’s version include a white cover (a controversial choice to some readers, but I like it), reverse dust jacket art, gilded silver edges, and a foil stamp on the cover. All of which is so exquisite.

Book Sleeve – Now onto the items! First up we have a book sleeve inspired by Raven Boys. Admittedly I haven’t read that book yet (it’s on the list), but I can still appreciate this sleeve. One size has character art, and the other the school emblem – very thematic to the box.

ADSOM Book Tin – Yes! August’s book tin makes the third tin of this set, leaving us waiting for only one. This particular tin is white and looks lovely next to the gray and red tins. Once again, I am in love. I’ve been trying to find bookish uses for all of these tins, so I imagine this one will end up holding my magnetic bookmarks or something equally cute.

Reading Kit – The reading kit included in this box is so thematically appropriate. Not only does it look like dark academia, but it’s usual for readers/academics. It’s inspired by If We Were Villains, and is a small collection of sticky notes and other accessories perfect for taking notes while reading. You know, assuming you’re not too caught up in the book and remember to do so.

Tea – More tea! I don’t know how everyone feels about getting tea/coffee in their book boxes, but I’m always happy to see a bit of tea in mine (less so with coffee, sorry to say). This month’s blend is created by Riddle’s Tea Shoppe, and is called Ellingham Academy Brew.

Book Stamp – Have you ever had the desire to customize your books? Well, now you can! Included in this month’s box is a book stamp, with room for you to add your name (or the name of your library, if you want to get fancy). I think it’s super cute, though I’m not sure if I’ll end up using it or not. I’m always so afraid to do something so permanent to my books.

Metal Bookmark – Inspired by The Secret History, this bookmark looks so classy. Actually, at first, I thought that it was a fancy ornament, that’s how nice it looks.

September’s Hints & Theories:

September’s theme is: Haunted Hearts. Yes, that’s right! The Halloween box is almost here, am I could not be more excited if I tried. At the time of writing this post, many September boxes have shipped/arrived, including mine. However, I’ll avoid spoilers, and instead stick to the public hints available:

  1. It’s the Halloween box! Need I say more? Okay, I do.
  2. It’s perfect for those that adore gothic aesthetics.
  3. The book is an atmospheric gothic fantasy involving a girl and a haunted manor – plus the monster who lives there. No, it isn’t Beauty and the Beast.
  4. The book is going to have an exclusive foil cover design and no dust jacket. Additionally, there are bonus pages and even a whole extra chapter.
  5. Every box will include an item designed by Lichen and Limestone, and it promises to fit the theme of the box.
  6. Additionally, every box will have an item designed by Riddle & Ravens and it sounds like it’ll have autumn vibes.

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