August Kindle Unlimited Roundup, by Melanie

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Updated September 29, 2021

Here in the South, we are in the miserable days of late summer. It’s too hot and humid to be outside doing anything at all which means it’s the perfect weather for staying indoors to read. I make good use of my Kindle Unlimited subscription during unbearable weather (see also, January and February). This month, I have highlighted several highly-rated and buzzy books that you can get for free with your Kindle Unlimited subscription. Check out last month’s post for more books and a short description of KU.



Colleen Hoover

Published December 7, 2018

Hoover Ink, Inc.

4.6 stars, 30k+ ratings

There is a ton of buzz around this book right now! Our BRC reviewers gave it mixed reviews, some loved it while another found it predictable. Warning for strong sexual content.



The Selection

Kiera Cass

Published April 24 ,2012

Harper Teen

4.6 stars, 10k+ ratings

Book 1 of a 6 book YA dystopian fairy tale. (Note—the rest of the series is not available on KU). Think The Bachelor meets The Hunger Games.



The Magic of Found Objects

Maddie Dawson

August 1, 2021

Lake Union Publishing

4.3 stars, 5k+ ratings

A heartwarming rom-com about love versus romance. When best friends Phronsie and Judd decide to give up on romance and marry each other instead, Phronsie is faced with the choice between her heart and her head.


The Extraordinary Life of Sam Hell

Robert Dugoni

April 24, 2018

Lake Union Publishing

4.6 stars, 15k+ ratings

A coming-of-age story told with a dual timeline about Sam Hill, a boy born with red eyes (hence the nickname “Sam Hell”). This book comes highly recommended by many readers in my circle.



The Queen’s Gambit

Walter Tevis

September 29, 2014

Rosetta Books

4.7 stars, 14k+ ratings

Now a highly-rated Netflix series, The Queen’s Gambit is the story of Beth Harmon, an orphan, addict, and chess prodigy which is described as a thriller masquerading as a chess novel, fast-paced, and unputdownable.


Join me again next month for more highly-rated books you can find on Kindle Unlimited! What KU books do you love? Drop them in the comments below.

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