At the End of Everything by Marieke Nijkamp

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At The End of Everything

Marieke Nijkamp

Pages 400

Published January 25, 2022 by Sourcebooks

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Imagine being in a juvenile treatment center… Now imagine being left behind to fend for yourselves, with no idea what’s going but all you know is that something isn’t right.

This story follows a group of teens who are in Hope Juvenile center for a number of things, that’s not really important, what is important is one day they wake up and all the guards are gone. They’ve been left to their own devices. They have no idea why or when they’ll be back but they immediately know something is off. Something must be going on in the outside world. When they finally leave Hope House, they discover what’s left in the “real world” is even worse. The world has been hit with a deadly plague and they have been left for dead. No one is coming for them. This group of teenagers must figure out how to survive with no one but each other.

My Review:

I have hard avoided reading anything even slightly covid related and even though this isn’t exactly covid related it’s BASICALLY covid related. They are figuring out how to survive in a world where a highly contagious respiratory “plague” is hitting the nation. We have a pandemic; they have a plague. So, if you are not interested in reading covidish related stuff this is NOT for you. I THOROUGHLY enjoyed this book regardless of how I felt about reading about virus related topics.

Each of the teenagers have their own stories and own backgrounds to go through. Somehow, they are able to build a family when it seems like giving up and leaving is the easier option. Overall, this was a 4/5 stars for me. It kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time. I wanted to know what was going to happen to every character. I wanted to know how they were going to get food and how they would make it through another day. Definitely get this book unless you don’t want to read about any more sickness because of current events then maybe skip this one. It’s definitely a hard book but sooo good.

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