Ask Natalie, a review by Kristin

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Ask Natalie
By: Natasha Boydell

Publication Date: December 1, 2022
Published By: Bloodhound Books
303 Pages

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Her long-lost love is missing—and obsession with the case could save her or sabotage her, in this gripping new suspense by the author of The Woman Next Door.

Natalie is single and carefree, fulfilled by her journalism career, but still she can’t help but wonder what happened to Owen, the one that got away.

When she learns that he’s disappeared—and left behind a note that mentions her name—she finds herself pulled back into his life.

Compelled by the mystery, her boss encourages her to pursue it, believing it would make a great story. And Natalie’s determination knows no bounds . . .

Soon she finds herself thrust into a murky world of money, power, and ruthlessness. But just how far will a search for the truth lead her away from home?

I’m so glad I joined this tour because I had never heard of this book before! This was such a great book! Did I think Natalie was a little obsessed and neurotic? Yes, but it was so endearing. This is a mystery and it’s one that you don’t figure out until you’re supposed to. I appreciated that the author chose to put the flashbacks in different font and indented so that we were aware that it was a flashback. I also really loved reading those flashbacks. While I have read a lot of mysteries where a non-police person inserts themselves into an investigation and I must suspend my belief, there is two-fold reason why Natalie inserts herself, personal and professional. That helps the book seem more realistic. I wouldn’t promote this book as a thriller, but a romantic suspense. Either way, whatever you want to label as the genre, it’s fantastic and a must read!


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