Are We There Yet? a review by Jenn

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🏡🏡 1/2
Are We There Yet?
Kathleen West

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352 Pages
Published March, 16 2021 by Berkley

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This was my first Kathleen West novel and while there were some things I did enjoy about this book overall, I got a sense of where is this going? and I am not sure we ended up anywhere. There is a lot to unpack with Are We There Yet?

I did like the writing style and that the story is told through multiple points of view, it was an interesting way to keep the story moving and share slices of each character’s perspective. I thought the views from the teenagers were well done and often made me wish the adult characters could understand them a bit better, such as in real life. There are a few concepts that were really interesting, social media on teens, parenting the modern world. Adopted families and how certain things can affect those children through out life. I think the author was just a bit ambitious with all this thoughts to really hone in a couple and showcase them to their full potential.

Which leads to, things that were more of a miss for me include. The number of ideas bouncing around in this book, so many characters to keep track of with several stories lines that I didn’t think were necessary, some never even got addressed by the end of the book. Most of the characters were not likeable, relatable, or even enjoyable. I found our main characters mother’s actions and motivations to be a bit confusing and unrealistic. Every male character in the book was a completely dud. All the friendships were toxic with no chance for characters to redeem themselves.

Never have I read a book with so much going on while the book goes nowhere at all. I like a good domestic drama as much as the next person but unfortunately for me when I reflect on this book I can’t think of a single person I’d recommend it to which for me is the true mark of a good read.

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