April Picks for Aardvark Book Club

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Much like BOTM, every month Aardvark Book Club makes a selection of books available to subscribers. Usually, you can choose from five options and pick up to three books per month (paying extra for the add-ons).

April’s Aardvark choices are:

-Expiration Dates (Contemporary Fiction)
-James (Literary Fiction)
-Diavola (Horror)
-How to Solve Your Own Murder (Thriller)
-The Rule Book (Romance)
-A Sweet Sting of Salt *Signed Edition* (Fantasy)

To sign up for Aardvark, click HERE (not an affiliate link)

Cat’s Picks:

In previous months, I tried to limit myself to only one book a month from Aardvark. I totally gave up on that concept this month. I’ve been in a reading slump, and since all these books looked enticing, I decided to treat myself (so much for that book-buying ban, huh?).


Diavola – I feel like it’s a rule that I will always grab the fantasy and/or horror novels in any given box. Naturally, that meant I had to snag Diavola. It looks dark and daring, plus I adored Lute (also written by Jennifer Marie Thorne), so I felt pretty confident in this choice.

TW: Death, body horror, abortion (off-page)

Stay tuned later this month for my review of Diavola!


How to Solve Your Own Murder – I’m not ashamed to admit that the first thing that caught my attention about How to Solve Your Own Murder was the cover. The second thing was the pitch – it’s perfect for fans of Knives Out. Um, yes, please! But seriously, How to Solve Your Own Murder sounds different and interesting, so I’m all in.

TW: Murder

Stay tuned later this month for my review of How to Solve Your Own Murder!


A Sweet Sting of Salt – A Sweet Sting of Salt is a bit unique, even among the Aardvark Books. First, it’s a signed copy?!? That’s a first for Aardvark (I think). I don’t even know if BOTM has done that. I would have grabbed this one anyway, as it’s a retelling of The Selkie Wife. It’s going to hurt a bit, I just know it (look at the trigger warnings if you don’t believe me), but I really do think that it will be worth it.

TW: Murder, homophobia, confinement, domestic abuse, animal death (off-page).

Stay tuned later this month for my review of A Sweet Sting of Salt!






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