Anywhere You Run, a review by Shelley

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Wanda M. Morris

William Morrow
Publication Date October 25th, 2022
400 pages
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Wow, what did I just read? This book was so intense. It is about two black women, who are sisters. The year is 1964 and Violet and Marigold are from Jackson, Mississippi. Violet has killed the white man who raped her. Marigold is unwed and pregnant and after telling her boyfriend she is expecting he hightails it out of town. Both women decide to escape Jackson to different locals and what ensues is a taut story that had me gripped from the start.

The story itself is well told and the writing engaging. Even though there is a well thought out plot I found the book to be very character driven. I really cared about what happened to these women and when they hurt, I hurt too. I felt their suffering and wished I could fight the injustices they faced with and for them. The chapters coming from each character’s point of view make it easy to feel each woman’s pain and feel it I did.

Ms. Morris sure can write historical fiction well enough to give the reader a sense of time and place. I so enjoyed this sad yet ultimately hopeful novel. With great pacing, a suspenseful storyline, and a powerful message this is one amazing book. I will have to read All Her Little Secrets by this author as a character from that book is in this one too, but this book is definitely a stand alone.

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