An End to Etcetera, a review by Kristin

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An End to Etcetera
By: B. Robert Conklin

Publication Date: November 30, 2022
Published By: Skip the Preface Publishing
406 pages

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Dr. Selena Harris is a psychologist who has a patient named Leal Porter. Leal has confessed to drowning Thuster, an autistic boy. Dr. Harris is trying to find the truth behind this confession, as there is no evidence to suggest this crime was committed. Dr. Harris thinks that Leal has an overactive imagination, but she can’t shake this feeling that she may be wrong.

This is a very interesting book and the true definition of a slow burn. I will say that in the beginning, I was a little confused. But once I realized how the author chose to write the book, it was easy going from there. This is a very well written psychological mystery – what is really going on with Leal? It kept me wondering and questioning everything that was happening. There is a constant feeling of uneasiness throughout the book, but as a reader, we’re never really sure who is causing the uneasiness. This book would be great of a psychology class to read and analyze. I think the only part that bothered me was that Dr. Harris was talking to Henri about Leal, and to me that broke the doctor/patient confidentiality. I’m not saying that she couldn’t go for help, but she did name him. Otherwise, this is a great read!


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