Amalina and the Secrets of the Wailing Castle, a review by Cat

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Amalina and the Secrets of the Wailing Castle: Episode 1 in the Count at Play & Slaughter Series
C.L. Holmes

Published: December 17, 2019
By Bad Hound Press
286 Pages

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Amalina and the Secrets of the Wailing Castle earned the Indies Today Best Horror Book Award of 2021, and boy, was that enough to tempt me! Many other horror fans were tempted when they heard that news.

Amalina has fallen into a trap that befell many before her. She’s trapped in the service of an evil entity. Amalina must find a way to free herself from the castle to save her life and soul. Or better yet, find a way to bring down the entity for good.

Ohh, if you’re looking for a dark and twisted tale full of danger, you’ve got to check out Amalina and the Secrets of the Wailing Castle. Better yet, it’s the start of a series (which will be told in five parts), so there’s plenty of time to see how Amalina’s story will pan out.

Some parts of Amalina’s story felt familiar – I think it was the foundation upon which the rest of the story was built. That made it oddly…comforting? I’m not sure that is the right word. It created an odd mix of emotions while I read, which helped enhance the story’s unsettling vibe.

I’m very much looking forward to seeing how the rest of this story unfolds. Here’s to you, Amalina!

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