Always the Last to Know, a review by Di

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Always The Last to Know

Kristan Higgins


400 pages

Berkeley Books

Published June 9, 2020


I started this book with absolutely no expectations. I have seen the author’s name pop up in my Goodreads newsfeed but I have not read her. This came as a pleasant surprise.


This story is a family drama, told from different viewpoints. Even though it is a serious subject, some of the narrative is quite humorous. Each character gets a fair bit of narrative so we get to know them quite well. Each member of the family had their own story to tell


Barbara is planning on telling John that she wants a divorce, on their 50th anniversary. She does not get the chance because he has a debilitating stroke on the day before the anniversary.


Then there are 2 daughters, slightly jealous of each other. And they each have their own issues. Lots of drama.


Family conflict, secrets (of course!), changing relationships.


My favourite line in the whole book was: β€œHer vagina is so special, it has unicorns in it.”


And they all lived happily after.




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