All The Dangerous Things, a review by Kristin

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All The Dangerous Things
By: Stacy Willingham

Publication Date: January 10, 2023
Published By: Minotaur Books
336 pages

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Isabelle Drake’s life is in ruins. A year ago, her son, Mason, was taking from his crib in the middle of the night. The police didn’t have a lot of leads, and the case went cold quickly. However, the case didn’t go cold for Isabelle. She’s still out searching for whomever took Mason, no matter what the police say, no matter what her ex-husband says, she will not rest until she finds Mason. Isabelle hasn’t slept in a year. In hopes of finding out what happened to Mason, she agrees to talk with a true crime podcaster. But he starts to make her uncomfortable. Coupled with memories of the past, Isabelle starts to question everyone, including herself.

We hear a lot about a sophomore slump, but Stacy Willingham knocked it out of the park with this follow up to A Flicker in the Dark. In fact, I think this book is better than A Flicker in the Dark! This book started off with luring me in and it kept me the whole time. I was gripped, I was held in suspense, and I couldn’t put this down. I devoured this book in less than 24 hours. As a mother, I was able to relate to Isabelle – I would do anything to find my son if he was taken in the middle of the night. I felt all of Isabelle’s feelings, her anxiety, her fear, and her desperation. Willingham did a great job of weaving the characters in such a way that you will never guess who took Mason. Brava to Willingham for a brilliant 4 star thriller!


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