Aftershocks, a review by Cat

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Nadia Owusu

Published January 12, 2021
By Simon Schuster
320 Pages

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I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t read as many memoirs as I should. Yet now and then, one will come across my plate that is just too much of a temptation. That was the case for Aftershocks, written by Nadia Owusu. This was my BOTM choice for June, and it was perfection.

Nadia Owusu struggles with and explores the concept of identity here as she delves into the trauma and history of her past. Abandoned by her mother when she was only two years old, Nadia has struggled with her identity.

Her story reads as a coming-of-age tale, but with the reality of a memoir. It’s beautiful and heartbreaking all in one and is absolutely worth reading.
Aftershocks is such a profound memoir. It’s almost hard to believe this is a debut novel, as Nadia Owusu deals with incredibly complex subjects and concerns. Yet, it’s so wonderfully human, showcasing all of the good and bad that people have to offer.

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