After All I’ve Done, a review by Tanya

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After All I’ve Done
Mina Hardy
Narrated by Angela Lin; Zura Johnson; Jay Aaseng

9 hours, 40 min
Published Nov, 2020 by Crooked Lane Books
Amazon | Goodreads

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A car accident. Two broken clavicles. Memory loss. An alienated best friend. An attentive mother-in-law. An unfaithful husband. You won’t believe how these puzzle pieces fit together!

Thanks to #NetGalley, I listened to this Audiobook and it was so good! I hadn’t heard of this title before but thrillers are right up my alley and the premise of the story looked good.

The narrators do a great job of representing the characters. The voice of Diana can get a little annoying at times but once I sped up the narration, it was just fine.
The story moves along at a good pace, and pieces of information unfold in each chapter that expand the reader’s understanding of events.

There was a bit of a lull in the middle of the story that seemed a bit repetitive to me. Same issues occurring again and again. I wasn’t sure if the author was trying to really get her point across of the character’s feelings and concerns or if she was trying to hit a certain word count (this often feels like the case to me when books have repetitive sections in them). Other than those couple of chapters, the rest of the book had me completely in tune with the story and waiting to find out what we would learn next.

And then there is the ending! I hate spoilers and don’t worry, I haven’t added any here. Just make sure you stick with the story so you can get to the ending!! You won’t regret it.

Overall, a great thriller, a good audiobook with well done narration. 4 stars!

Thank you to #DreamscapeMedia and #NetGalley for making this book available for review. All opinions expressed are my own.


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