Adrift, a review by Sherry

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MA Hunter

9 hours and 16 minutes
Boldwood Books
Published May 4, 2023

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I had a chance to participate in Boldwood Book’s first listenalong.  I had a little trouble with the app at first, which I am sure was all user error, so I’m a little late in posting, but it was a good listen.

While I can claim stupid American as I listened to Max Dowler narrate the book, he must have a different dialect than I am use to hearing because I kept thinking he sounded Australian.  But I loved listening to his narration.  He was soothing in the right places and brought drama as the tension built.  I’d definitely listen to his narration again.

And the book was pretty good too.  Pete and his friends are on a yacht out in the middle of the sea when odd things start to happen and people start dying.  So a closed sort of mystery with Pete, his friends and the crew.  This dual timeline tale also rewinds to 10 years ago when the group of friends lived together.  As things unfold in the past and the present, the layers reveal some secrets the group share and possible reasons for their current issues.

The plot moves along and the tension builds as I tried to figure out what was true and what was misdirection.  Pete narrates the book, so I the events were only his interpretation.  Between the sharks, the missing people and not knowing who to trust, I was on the edge of my seat.  

This is a great choice for a summer read.

About the book

Six old friends … and a secret they’d all kill to protect.

When Pete and his friends set sail on a private yacht in the Balearics to celebrate Fergus’ upcoming wedding, they’re all looking forward to sun, sea and copious quantities of alcohol.

But there’s a reason they are still entwined in each other’s lives a decade after leaving university. A terrible event they’ve all been trying their hardest to forget.

They say you can’t outrun the past … And these six friends are about to find that out the hard way.



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