A Thousand Miles by Bridget Morrissey

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A Thousand Miles

Bridget Morrissey

Published by Berkley Publishing

Release date 6/21/2022

Forced proximity, second chance, friends to lovers, road trip adventures and those are just a few of the tropes to name a few.  

Dee and Ben were childhood friends before they took this trip the first time… 10 years ago but that was before everything had changed. After the initial trip the two had a big falling out and haven’t spoken in TEN YEARS.  

Dee has made a name for herself in the podcasting world. She has a podcast where she essentially spills all her deepest and most personal secrets on air to everyone. She’s wild and fun and doesn’t care what anyone thinks of her.  

Ben is a school teacher. He had dreams of being a pro baseball player when things didn’t quite go his way. He’s predictable and reliable.  

After ten long years Ben shows up on Dee’s door asking her to make this trip across the country to Gam’s once more and this time, she’s determined to do everything right. She won’t lose him again.  

I absolutely ADORED this book! I loved the chemistry between the characters and the banter/inside jokes. The way that their past was explored slowly and everything was talked about instead of rushed just for the sake of romance. I love that Dee kept her quirkiness and chaotic energy throughout the whole book and didn’t have to change who she was.  

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