A New Book Subscription Service? Sign Me Up! (Aardvark Book Club)

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You may (or may not) have heard the news, but there’s a new book box subscription service now available! Aardvark Book Club is making a lot of waves, and here’s why:

  • It’s a Canadian-based subscription service
  • It’s a lot like BOTM
  • It has a different selection than BOTM
  • More of the books are indie

After hearing these pros, I knew I had to try it out! As such, I’ve actually been subbed for a few months now. I wanted to give it a solid try before writing anything about it. So, what was my overall finding?

Aardvark Book Club is worth it, as long as you’re fine paying a little more than BOTM prices (monthly membership is around $17, as opposed to the $15ish for BOTM and $10 for each additional book) and don’t mind waiting a little longer (BOTM always arrives within the first week of the month for me, but Aardvark takes a week or two more).

The real highlight of Aardvark (for me) is the selection. Over the few months I’ve been subbed, I’ve nabbed twelve books. So obviously, I’m enjoying the options made available to me! Granted, I’m waiting for April’s books to arrive still.

Thus far, I’ve picked the following books: The Socialite’s Guide to Murder, Singer Distance, The Other Side of Night, Meredith Alone, All the Dark Places, Desert Creatures, Liar Dreamer Thief (stay tuned for this review), A Half-Baked Murder (stay tuned for this review), The Magician’s Daughter (must read ASAP), and 48 Clues Into the Disappearance of My Sister (say that ten times fast). I’m also waiting on Death of a Book Seller and A Brief History of Living Forever to arrive.

As a new subscription service, Aardvark still has some kinks to work out. As mentioned already, their shipping is a bit on the slower side. I think this has to do with the limited number of people they have boxing, plus as a smaller company; they probably need to wait longer for their books to be printed. (I should mention that, like BOTM, there is Aardvark branding on the covers). Additionally, there’s no option to skip a month, but they’ve promised this option is on the way! Those are my two biggest issues, so I would say it’s a worthwhile service.

Interested in signing up for Aardvark Book Club? Click HERE! (Not an affiliate link)

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