A Midnight Puzzle, a review by Sherry

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A Midnight Puzzle
Gigi Pandian

342 pages/10 hours and 38 minutes
Minotaur Books/Macmillan Audio
published March 19, 2024

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This is such a fun series.  I like all the descriptions of magic and the secret passageways.  I can’t believe this is book 3 in the series.  It can definitely be read as a stand alone, but this one advances Tempest’s search into her aunt and mother’s death.  The author provides plenty of detail for a reader to enjoy the book, but I think those that have read the series are more invested in those cases.

Instead of a locked room mystery, this time there is an impossible crime.  An enemy of the Tempest family is found dead in a theater and they are at the front of the suspect list as the police investigate.

The cozy mystery is the focus of this book and series, but I also love the cast of characters and the friendship and family at the core.  There is always a meal (and recipes at the end of book) shared and the food descriptions always make me hungry.

For being what I’d consider a cozy mystery, the plot was complex and kept me guessing.  There were red herrings and misdirections that I fell for.

Soneela Nankani narrates the audiobook and does a fabulous job with bringing all the characters and their accents to life.  This is one I enjoyed listening to as much as I enjoyed reading. 

Such a fun series for anyone that appreciates magic, locked room mysteries or interesting characters.

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