A Love Catastrophe, a review by Kristin

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A Love Catasrophe
By: Helena Hunting

Publication Date: June 13, 2023
Published By: Forever (Grand Central Publishing)
384 pages

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Kitty Hart, the Kitty Whisperer, has made a career out of cat sitting and cat training, and it is a lucrative business. She receives a phone call from Miles Thorn. He would like her to help take care of his mother’s demon cat while she’s in the hospital. He hates cats and his mother has a Sphynx cat named Prince Francis. Kitty learns of his hatred for Prince Francis early on and it’s a put off for her. He also tackles Kitty to the floor when he thinks she’s going to shoot him. But she can’t help be attracted to him and he can’t help be attracted to her. They are total opposites, but will they find themselves together?

When I saw Helena Hunting had a new book out, I wanted to read it immediately. However, I don’t think this is her best work. I still love Hunting and will still read her books though! Not every book is going to resonate with every reader. I didn’t feel a spark between Miles and Kitty at first. In fact, I didn’t feel that spark until their first kiss. That spark, for me, soon fizzled out. I wanted to feel more angst between the two. I did like that this book didn’t go with the typical trope – strangers to lovers, who then have an issue between the two, have a falling out, and then come back together. Instead, each were going through their own thing and supported each other. That was nice to read. I did find, at times, that the “flirty” conversations between Miles and Kitty were a bit awkward and uncomfortable, but maybe it was supposed to be that way! Overall, a cute read, easy read. Perfect for any Helena Hunting fan!


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