A Light in the Forest, a review by Shelley

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Melissa Payne

Lake Union Publishing
Expected Publication December 13th, 2022
331 pages
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Melissa Payne writes yet another story that made me feel so many emotions. This one really broke my heart at times it was so raw and painful. I felt so much for these characters and what they lived through. Vega was very brave to go out on her own to find a safe place to land, and a wonderful place (for the most part) she did find. Many issues were on topic during this read, domestic abuse, LGBTQ hate, animal cruelty, and just plain nastiness. I felt bad that Vega grew up thinking all men were bad, her mother did her a disservice there, especially since she has a son of her own to raise.

I enjoyed the past and present timelines and the differing points of view in each chapter. The characters were varied, some you love and some you love to hate. I liked that about this story because it made the town and its inhabitants feel real. This was such an inspiring story and an interesting tale in that eventually everything weaves together in the end and all questions are answered and I loved the theme of community and that family isn’t always blood.

I cannot write a review without mentioning the amazing cover for this book, it is so eye-pleasingly beautiful and fits well with the story inside.

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for the Advance Readers Copy.

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