A Letter From Nana Rose, a review by Di

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Kristin Harper

October 25, 2021
278 pages

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What a sweet and enjoyable book this ended up being! A feel good book and a great palate cleanser.

As is popular these days, there are 2 stories with 2 different timelines. The first is about 3 sisters getting together at their deceased grandmother’s beach house, their mission is to come to a unanimous decision about the fate of this beach house. And the second consists of a series of daily letters from their grandmother (delivered posthumously) revealing her deep secrets from the past.

The setting is described beautifully, a place I would like. An unpretentious cottage set behind dunes on the ocean. The imagery borders on corny (constant rain while the sisters are reading the sad and revealing letters) and the sisters are at odds with each other throughout, but it all comes together in the end.

Often, when a book is told in dual timelines, I enjoy the past more than the present. In this case, I think the past could have been a story on its own, with more detail added in. It was a fascinating story.

This was a fast and entertaining read.

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