A Lesson in Vengeance, a review by Cat

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A Lesson in Vengeance
Victoria Lee

Published August 3, 2021
By Delacorte Press

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A Lesson in Vengeance was OwlCrate’s pick for August, and guys: I’m in love. If you put a book in front of me and compare it to Ninth House, you better believe that I’m going to read it! A Lesson in Vengeance is the latest novel to come from the mind of Victoria Lee, and guys – this is not a book you’re going to want to miss out on. Seriously, I’m going to be forcing all of my friends and family to read it.

The Dalloway School is famous for many things, not all of them good. They have witchcraft and death buried in the closets. Felicity Morrow can’t get enough of the haunted nature of her school, which is why the lore has become part of her senior project.

That is until she found herself sunk too deep into legend. Now she’s doomed herself, her friends, and who knows how many others to follow down the same path that witches in history once took.

Words cannot express how much I loved A Lesson in Vengeance. I love Dark Academia novels, so I went into A Lesson in Vengeance expecting to love it. I simply wasn’t prepared for the extent of that love.

Victoria Lee merged so many fantastic elements together to create this novel, and it shows. Dark academia meets mystery and thriller with a lesbian leading lady. Seriously, what more could you possibly ever ask for?

Best of all – better than the intrigue, the character development, or the dramatic twist – the writing. Victoria Lee’s writing is enchanting. More than that, she wound a story in such a way as for it to be virtually impossible to spot the truth right away.

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