A Flicker in the Dark, a review by Sherry

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A Flicker in the Dark
Stacy Willingham

11 hours 5 minutes
Macmillan Audio
Published January 11, 2022

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Who doesn’t love a good serial killer story?  This one had me on my toes from the very beginning.  I liked the southern setting.  It set the creepy vibe and fit in well with the story.  While I ultimately guessed right, which I normally do, in the book’s defense, there weren’t a lot of suspects to choose from.  But I did not know how we would get to the conclusion.  And there were enough twists, turns and red herrings to make me doubt what I suspected.

I didn’t love Chloe at the beginning.  I wasn’t sure how reliable she was and then based upon her drug habits, I became sure she wasn’t to be trusted.  But by the end I was rooting hard for her.

I listened to this one and thought Karissa Vacker did a great job as the narrator.  In slower paced books my mind can wander a little and that didn’t happen in this one.

There were a few scenarios along the way that seemed a little implausible and the ending is wrapped up quite nicely, but I think this is a great debut thriller.  And I’d recommend this to all thriller lovers as it kept me engaged.


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