A Day Like This, a review by Shelley

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A Day Like This



Kelley McNeil

Lake Union Publishing
Published November 1st, 2021
287 pages

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This is the kind of book that breaks your heart into a million pieces and then puts it back together again. The story pulled me in right away and never let me go. The writing was expressive and a passionate love story of motherhood. The descriptions are very vivid and detailed. The plot itself was captivating, compelling, and utterly charming. I loved everything about it.

The different lives Anne leads are kind of like Sliding Doors but much more emotional because it is the story of a mother’s love for her child. I appreciated the way the book made me feel and think about “what if?”. The author really brought these characters to life and the inner dialogue of Anne made me feel like I knew her and I was able to sympathize.

The book can fall into many genres such as romance, science fiction, and mystery but the category I would put it under is simply brilliant. This book will make you grateful for what you have. What a wonderfully remarkable debut.





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