A Blizzard of Polar Bears, a review by Sherry

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A Blizzard of Polar Bears
Alice Henderson

352 pages
William Morrow
published November 9, 2021

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I really loved the author’s first book in this series and was eager to start this one. I know very little about Polar Bears and was excited to know more as she’s masterful at weaving in wildlife and conservation information in her books. I come away with so much more than just the entertainment of the thriller. But make no mistake the book is a thriller and this is a doozy.

Alex Carter has finished her study in Montana and has moved on from the Wolverines to Polar Bears in Canada. It seems long before she arrived, the mishaps involving this studymade it seem doomed. Will Alex be able to turn things around and make a recommendation on the longevity of the Polar Bears?

I really like Alex, she is strong, independent and knowledgeable. Her determination and willingness to help the animals really tugs at my heart. There is an interesting cast of characters and while I never truly believed Alex was in mortal danger since this is a series, I kept guessing on if there were multiple culprits and what their true motives were.

This is a fast paced thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat. I love the interesting location and the wildlife data in addition to the danger. I think all thriller lovers should jump in and read this series.

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