Breathe Your Last, a review by Sherry

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Breathe Your Last
Lisa Regan

350 pages

Published December 9, 2020 by Bookouture

Breathe Your Last is the latest Josie Quinn book. I’m really drawn to this series. Josie is a no nonsense police detective. And Lisa Regan writes Josie with balance in her home life, family, friends, and work. I really connect with Josie and her team. And while Josie isn’t perfect, you root for her. From book to book you get to watch Josie grow and evolve.

While there is always a little storyline floating from book to book, in this one Josie and her team are investigating why the top swimmer at the local university has drowned. Hitting a dead end with little evidence, other strange things start to happen. This book is both suspenseful and thrilling. I am not easily fooled and I was guessing up to the end. And to take this up a notch, there are chapters told from the killer’s point of view. You get a chill reading their words. You didn’t think I’d slip and spoil it did you?

As with this genre you get action, thrills and twists in addition to connecting with Josie and the group of family and friends that surround her.

I always look forward to a new installment and I know no matter my reading mood, I know I’ll enjoy the book. I highly recommend this for anyone who likes a good mystery.


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