Thank You, Next, a review by Allyson

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Thank You, Next
Sophie Ranald

241 pages
Published November 30th, 2020 by Bookouture

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Thank you to Bookouture and Net Galley for gifting me this eARC in exchange for an honest review.

Now on to the good stuff! Thank You, Next was a super easy read that was also extremely relatable for me. Zoe is similar to me in so many ways. She has a cat, is vegan, and enjoys playing Dungeons and Dragons. Plus she has some crazy experiences with online dating (totally been there). Zoe’s stories actually made me laugh out loud a couple of times, especially when her best friend Dani chimes in. I haven’t read the first book in the series but I don’t think that takes away from the story.

While trying to get over her ex, Joe, Zoe decides to start an online dating account to date through the zodiac. She is on a quest to date a man of each star sign to see just how compatible they really are. Will Zoe be able to find the man of her dreams by looking to the stars?

This book made me realize just how lucky I am to not have to date anymore. Zoe’s journey through online dating is a fair representation of how a lot of people date in this day and therefore I believe it would be extremely relatable for a wide variety of people. I always find romance books somewhat predictable and Thank You, Next is no exception, but that doesn’t take away from the story for me.

I was hoping to be able to see more of the main romance. Zoe and the main love interest don’t get together until the last chapter or two so you only get a small glimpse. Here’s hoping for another book in this series so we can see a little more into their relationship! I would love to see a new book with Dani as the main character with some more glimpses into Zoe’s life.

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