Did I Say You Could Go, a review by Di

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Melanie Gideon

Simon Schuster
August 3, 2021
368 pages

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I’m not sure what I just read. My head is still spinning. This book takes Passive Aggressive to a whole new level. It takes Mean Girls to a new level too. Except that these “girls” are grown women. But there are also teenage Mean Girls. We get a huge dose of meanness in this book. And, I am very happy I’m not part of any of their circles.

Ruth and Gemma and their daughters, Marley and Bee (respectively) are the main characters. Each one of them would be ideal candidates for group therapy and/or psychiatric counselling. They have been best friends for many years…..the mothers and the daughters. The relationships have been off and on. But, have they really been friends???? I guess it depends on your definition of friendship.

The characters take turns telling their version of the story in each chapter. None of the characters are likeable. But, like a train wreck, I could not look away. Several twists and turns. Nothing too earth-shattering but it kept me turning the pages. Then, I got to the end. I had the final twist partially figured out but that did not detract from the story.

As I’m reading, there’s always the chance that I could be wrong.

This was an entertaining story. A fast read. A perfect book to escape with.

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for providing me with an Advance Readers Copy.

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