The Games He Plays, a review by Allyson

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The Games He plays
Michael Wellington
Self Published
May 23, 2020


Thank you so much to Michael Wellington for a review copy of this book!


The Games He Plays is a perfect mix of a thriller and a romance in all the best ways. We all know I love a quick read that is hard to put down and this book checked both of those boxes for me. 



A young girl, Jennifer, moves to a small town full of secrets looking for a new start to her life. Little does she know she is going to end up right in the middle of a ruthless serial killer’s games.

The Good:

The characters are so likable, especially Jennifer. I found it easy to connect to her character and I love that characters are morally gray it just makes them so much more interesting to me. I also thought that nothing was too over the top or cheesy, which is much appreciated. I can’t stand when reading a book or movie  and things happen that could never happen in real life. The overall plot was interesting and full of twists and turns designed to keep the reader engaged and wondering what will happen next.  

The Bad:

I was left with a few questions even once everything was tied up at the end. It could be that the author is leaving the book open for a sequel or spin-off. I also felt at times I was being told and not shown certain things but honestly this didn’t happen a ton.


For a debut novel this is definitely impressive! I would give it 3.5 stars overall, rounding up to 4!

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