Love Spells And Other Disasters, a review by Allyson

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Love Spells and Other Disasters
Angie Barret

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261 pages
Published Feb 1, 2021
by Entangled Teen

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Love Spells and Other disasters is a newly released YA romance book that I just loved. This book was really easy to read. Generally, I have most YA books quick reads so I like to pick this kind of book in between my longer or harder to read fantasy books. The characters were so cute, especially the main couple. I thought they were absolutely adorable together.


Rowan Is the daughter of a popular paranormal phycologist, making the other kids at school think she is weird and different. She has only one friend, Ethan, whom she had known for a very long time. For a school project, Rowan is paired with the most popular girl at school, Abby. For the project, they have to come up with a business plan to raise money for a charity of their teacher’s choice. They decide they are going to write “crush spells” and sell them to the other students. Things start to go wrong when Rowan quickly realizes her spells are actually working and backfiring in a bad way.

The good:

Rowan was a really sweet character who really cared about other people and wanted to do anything to make people happy. Her main love interest was very swoony-worthy. The plot was the main thing that intrigued me. I loved the idea of love spells working in an ordinary setting. most of the time when magic is introduced in books you learn of some other world where magic exists freely. I like how this book keeps the world ordinary while adding some magic.

The bad:

The side characters drove me crazy! You had Rowan’s best friend Ethan who she is supposedly really to. However halfway through the book, it doesn’t seem like they are actually close at all. I couldn’t imagine two characters who are supposed to be “best friends” behaving this way. Abby was such a selfish character who only cared about herself. I also thought some of the characters seemed a little too mature to be in high school.

I believe this is Angie Barret’s first published book and I would definitely recommend it. I loved the writing style and the unique plot.


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