All the Pretty Horses, a review by Tanya

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All the Pretty Horses (The Border Trilogy #1)
Cormac McCarthy
Narrator Frank Muller

Published 2013 by Recorded Books
Amazon | Goodreads

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After reading The Road by Cormac McCarthy in January and being so impressed, I thought I’d pick up another of his books right away. I watched this movie a long, long time ago and don’t recall anything from it other than I thought it was boring and didn’t like it. But sometimes movies don’t translate well from books. The audiobook has proven that the issue is not the movie. It’s the story.

I really wasn’t a fan of the book. The beginning starts off very slow and seems somewhat aimless. Ranchers sitting in a diner talking about unimportant things. A bit later, the main character, a 17-year old son of a rancher, takes his friend riding on horseback from Texas to Mexico, where they locate work on another ranch. Now I might have missed why they left because I was REALLY bored or they may not have said why, I can’t really tell you. Oops! But either way, it seemed silly to leave your own ranch and go so far away, unprepared for your trip just to get to another ranch to work. But I digress.

At the new ranch in Mexico there is, of course, a beautiful daughter of the ranch owner that the MC is attracted to. A budding romance, a warning from the mother to stay away, all the makings of a great love affair – except there was zero romance or even chemistry between the characters, as it was written. Who writes a romance and leaves out …. The romance?

Sad to say, I made it to 80% of the book and DNF’d. I just couldn’t take any more of this story that I didn’t care about. But I’m certainly counting it as a book read, because that was a lot of work for me!

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