1969: A Brief and Beautiful Trip Back, a review by Tanya

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1969: A Brief and Beautiful Trip Back
Sea Gudinski

547 pages
Published Feb 21, 2019

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Being born in 1970, I obviously have a soft spot for late 60’s stories.

The music was glorious – The Beach Boys, The Mammas and the Papas, The Beatles, Dusty Springfield, The Animals, The Doors, The Temptations, I could go on and on!

I can still remember a lot of the phrases from that era – Make Love not War, Peace, Love Child, Sosh, What a drag, Can you dig it, hang loose….

So much fun taking a walk down memory lane. Which made me extra excited to read 1969 by Sea Gudinski.

This one is a whopper, topping out at over 500 pages! I sometimes drag my feet at picking up a Stephen King book (one of my favorite authors) because those books are so darn big. Nevertheless, I dived in and read pages here and there until I could get to the end.

It was an interesting concept and as I always enjoy books that are a little bit different, so this was a fun exploration for me.

The MC, Rhiannon, is a lot like a normal teenage girl. Rebellious, difficult, making bad decisions, thinks she knows better than every other adult, strained relationship with her parent. You know the type….

Integral parts of the stories revolved around drugs. Taking them, experiences while high, etc. I learned some things about that type of lifestyle reading this book, that’s for sure.

And the main theme of this book is how Rhiannon travels back in time to 1969 after a special high, how her life changes living in 69’ and how she realizes that maybe it’s not all she thought it would be.

Lessons learned, self- realization and re-evaluation of priorities are themes of this story and bring everything all together. It was a fun experience to read this book. My biggest challenge was the sheer length of this book. I think the story could have been shorter and still been just as fun.

Thank you to @sea_gudinski for allowing me to read your book! I so appreciate the opportunity!

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