The Garden of the Jelly Bean Faeries, a review by Kristie

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The Garden of the Jelly Bean Faeries
Kris Steven

278 pages
September 29 2023

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No matter how hard she tries, Ruby, a quiet orphan girl, doesn’t fit in.
She hopes that if she finds her birth mother things might change, returning to the peaceful life she thinks she remembers. But how does a seven year old go about finding someone who vanished years ago and hasn’t been heard from since?

After an intriguing interaction leads her to make a strange new friend, she unmindfully turns to magic, trusting the arcane to solve her problems, but the magic slips from her control threatening to ruin all her plans.

In way over her head, she struggles to make everything right, trusting desperately, that even if she succeeds she will still have a life to return to and possibly a place to still call home.

My Review:

This was a truly magical story about a girl named Ruby who embarks on a journey to try and find her birth mother. In the process, she discovers much, much more about herself and the world around her. While the magic she’s discovered is intriguing, it may not be the best solution to her problems. I really loved the way this progressed, and the twists in the story!

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