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Dark Angel and Shadow Angel
DK Hood

361 and 319 pages
published September 12, 2023

About the books

Dark Angel: A gripping and unputdownable FBI agent thriller (Detective Beth Katz Book 1)

In the dark pine forest surrounding the quiet town of Rattlesnake Creek, the body of a young girl lies on the ground. Her angelic blonde hair spills over her shoulders and her unblinking eyes stare up toward the sky…

It was Beth Katz’s serial killer father who made her like she is: a successful FBI agent and an unstoppable vigilante dedicated to hunting down murderers who have evaded capture. Beth will push herself to the limits to deliver justice. Even if it means killing those who deserve to die.

When the body of missing schoolgirl Brooklyn Daniels is discovered in a secluded patch of woodland on the outskirts of town, Beth and her partner Dax Styles race to the scene. Brooklyn and her best friend left home to pick wildflowers a week ago and vanished without trace.

Taking in Brooklyn’s body carefully laid on a blanket and the dress neatly folded next to her, Beth suddenly freezes. She’s seen this before: in the files of a cold case. The perpetrator takes two girls—one vanishes, the other is killed and left with her clothes beside her. Now Beth knows she has a twisted serial killer on her hands, she’ll stop at nothing to catch him. Even if it means going against Dax’s orders…

Desperate to find the other missing girl, Beth’s heart pounds as she puts herself up as bait and walks into the secluded forest, knowing evil is lurking nearby. With Dax watching her every move, Beth prays the gamble pays off. Can she outsmart the murderer, or did she just walk into a trap? And when Beth finally comes face to face with the killer, will she hand him over or serve justice of her very own?

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Shadow Angel: An absolutely addictive and nail-biting crime thriller (Detective Beth Katz Book 2)

In a dark cabin, a young woman sits totally still. Long dark hair hangs over her shoulders and heavy makeup adorns her pale face. Cherry red lips offer a hint of a smile, but she won’t ever smile again. Her body is already cold to the touch…

When black crows are spotted circling over an abandoned cabin in the woods near Rattlesnake Creek, FBI agent Beth Katz and her maverick partner Dax Styles fear something is very wrong. Beth has been hunting serial killers for years, and as she races to the forest she vows to serve her own form of justice, whatever the cost…

Cassie Durham’s friends reported her missing when she didn’t return home from a local bar a few days ago. Now, Cassie sits in darkness, her last breath taken days before. Beth notices the rouged cheeks and bright blue eyeshadow are nothing like the pictures she’s seen of Cassie alive. Did someone add the heavy makeup and pose her like this after death?

When another woman vanishes from a night out, Beth is convinced a twisted killer is in town. A clue on the dark web leads her to a local late-night hangout. Going undercover, she learns that when both girls vanished they were being watched by someone at the back of the crowded room.

Noticing a man following her every move, Beth knows she has one chance to capture him. With a knife in her pocket and hellbent on saving another innocent life, Beth is already sure she’s going to be the killer tonight. Otherwise she will become his next victim…

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My Review

Dark Angel

What a great start to a new series.  I felt a familiarity as I started to read this one.  Not sure if it was the writing, if it was Beth being introduced in the Kane and Alton books or if just reminded me of something, but I felt instantly connected with her.  And honestly I couldn’t decide whether she is good or bad with her vigilante justice.  Ridding the world of the scum of the earth, but without an investigation and trial.  This cat and mouse that the author sets up with her and her partner Dax is quite intriguing.  Chapters from both main characters POVs added to my interest.

Both Beth and Dax are strong and independent, which makes their partnership of interest, and they do complement each other as they work together on the case, whether they believe or realize it.  They are searching for someone taking pairs of girls.  And while the case it straightforward, I was interested in to watch the pair work together and see how Beth would handle her urges with a partner.

Shadow Angel

In book 2 in the series, Beth and Dax are back on the trail of another serial killer.  Again another straightforward case as far as the police procedural case, but the uniqueness of the series is this vigilante urge Beth has and that she has to counter that with her partner.  Where she is focused on solving the case and getting her version of justice, all while not getting caught herself.  She’s a bit of a female Dexter.

I love this hook of not knowing whether to root for or against her and the added excitement of whether she remains the only one knowing of her true purpose and drive.

If you love police procedurals, this added twist really ups the genre and should be interesting to watch play out.

About the author


D.K’s spine chilling, fast paced serial killer thrillers revolve around Sheriff Jenna Alton and her ex- special forces Deputy, Dave Kane. As the main characters fight crime, their secret pasts are never far away. Set in and around the fictional backwoods town of Black Rock Falls, Montana, known locally as Serial Killer Central, D.K ‘s imagery takes the reader into the scenes with her. Given the title “Queen of Suspense” by her reviewers, D.K ‘s writing style offers her readers a movie style, sizzling fast thrill ride.

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